About Bahrain Moments

"Bahrain Moments" website came with the slogan 'Living Moments in Bahrain' - an expression of the site's goal to serve the readers by publishing Bahrain-focused content.

The website also focuses on the Bahrain's lifestyle, including reviews of popular venues and destinations, issues of concern to the residents and locals, and exclusive interviews.

"Bahrain Moments" by 7awi is an essential addition to the media scene in the Bahrain. The site is devoted to serving the audience and readers in the Arab world within an advanced plan applied by "7awi" platform to publish distinguished content with the highest quality standards and keep pace with developments in technology.

"Bahrain Moments" is the new face of "e7awi" platform, which was previously launched by "7awi" in the English language, and it has been renamed in line with the site's goals of providing diverse and comprehensive content that serves English language readers in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

About 7awi Company:

7awi is a leading digital platform for media, transactions, and advertising solutions focused on the Middle East and North Africa region. 7awi owns and operates rich and diverse online portals with more than 10 million monthly users and 30 million followers on social media. Their offices are located in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Egypt.