Get The Best Sound Quality With LG UltraGear Gaming Speakers

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 01 February 2022
Get The Best Sound Quality With LG UltraGear Gaming Speakers

Getting high-quality gaming speakers would only enhance your experience; instead of hearing sounds low quality, sometimes a gaming speaker that can detect the direction of sounds and the most delicate details would improve your gaming by moving to the right directions and being completely immersed in that world, today we introduce you to LG UltraGear Gaming speakers that would give you the best gaming experience ever!  

Top Quality Gaming sounds  

LG UltraGear Gaming Speakers have industry-leading Hi-Fi Quad Dac that gives accurate sound reproduction. In addition, the Ultra gear speakers were designed with professional audio equipment to provide customers with high-resolution audio and enhance every sound you listen to. 

They deliver a fantastic sound and gives you a lifelike gaming experience, with 3d Gaming surrounding sounds,  

LG UltraGear Gaming speakers are equipped with LG technology that tailors the game audio with HRTF (head-related transfer functions) and create the same virtual surround sound effects you would get from a headset, is it suitable for all games? 

  • The LG UltraGear Gaming Speakers have a technology that would make them suitable for any game genre; using them to locate enemies or allies and get a fantastic depth of sound and realism in the effects is easy. 
  • The FPS mode would upgrade the sounds you receive with virtual 7.1 channel surround sounds, which would help out in locating the right positions of enemies in video games if they are coming from the right or left side, and also the position they are coming from.  
  • RTS mode in LG UltraGear Gaming Speakers enhances the realism and increases the immersion in video games, so it is suitable for Racing games, RPG, Esports so you can feel the actual presence of the character in the video game and be entirely immersed in the game. 
  • Using XBOOM App, you can set up Custom EQ without sound cards, so no need for any external gaming sound cards; you can tune it and customize your experience with Bass and treble levels through the app itself. 

LG UltraGear Gaming Speaker

Upgradable Speakers for better use 

You can upgrade LG UltraGear Gaming Speakers with DTS headphones and switch easily between both only using a simple tap on one button, and you would get the same 7.1 surround sound and 3D audio experience to enjoy playing games to your heart's content. 

DTS LG ultra gear speakers 

Easy to use for chat  

You can use  LG UltraGear Gaming Speakers to chat without using different headphones while gaming; the algorithm provides you with the best comfort and allows you to discuss tactics with teammates without using an additional headset or a mic, only using the mic button. Furthermore, with the Echo cancellation feature, your voice is easy to be heard loud and clear,  LG UltraGear Gaming Speakers can tell the difference between surrounding noises and your voice that way, everyone can listen to you without noises. 

LG UltraGear Gaming Speaker 

Personalized experience  

The LG UltraGear Gaming Speakers are great in design with more than 16.7 million RGB lighting customizable colors that enhance your experience; not only that you can complete your gaming setup with other LG UltraGear products, the Ultragear monitors come with a V Stand, and those speakers fit in that V shape, to save you the trouble of clearing up messy cables. 

Great speakers for Movies and Music  

They are not only great for gaming, but you can also use LG UltraGear Gaming Speakers for cinema and music, so not only can you enjoy gaming but other types of entertainment as well, and you would enjoy all your favorite content easily, even outdoors as it has got a built-in battery. 

LG UltraGear Gaming Speakers 

Enjoy gaming on the next level with LG UltraGear Gaming Speakers built to give you an extraordinary gaming life without having to wear headsets 24/7.