INEOS Grenadier: Old-School 4×4 With Modern Tech

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 29 December 2021 Last update: Thursday، 13 January 2022
INEOS Grenadier: Old-School 4×4 With Modern Tech

INEOS Grenadier started in 2017 when Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe identified a gap in the market for a utility 4X4. Accordingly, he decided to do something about it while sitting with friends, and they outlined a plan to create an entirely new vehicle! Since then, they worked hard, and they succeeded because they made things happen, and they made it happen! Find out more about INEOS Grenadier the 4X4 built on purpose.  

About INEOS Grenadier  

INEOS Grenadier: Old-School 4×4 With Modern Tech

After 4 years of challenging work, Chairman Jim Ratcliffe said that the car is ‘more’ than envisaged 4 years ago. INEOS Grenadier team developed the car in partnership with industry experts, working with some of the world’s finest suppliers (BMW, Magna Steyr, ZF, Carraro) to take the vehicle capability further. INEOS Grenadier had an Old-school 4×4 with modern tech, using BMW engines, and it will be on sale in 2022.  

Jim Ratcliffe said about the car: “For me, it is a genuine joy to drive both off and on the road. In my book, it is a bloody good car! And puts a smile on my face every time I see it.”  

INEOS Grenadier Capabilities  

INEOS Grenadier capabilities

The partnership INEOS Grenadier has made with industry experts has created an ultimate off-roader with phenomenal capabilities, including: 

  • Award-winning engine from BMW. 

  • Specifically strengthened transmission built by ZF. 

  • Bespoke Tyres from Bridgestone. 

  • Permanent four-wheel drive. 

  • 258mm ground clearance. 

  • 27.8° Breakover angle (The Grenadier’s ability to drive over a sharp ridge without it touching the underside) 

  • 35.5° Approach angle (The steepest incline angle the Grenadier can approach and clear the front bumper) 

  • 36.1° Departure angle (The steepest incline angle that the Grenadier can depart and clear the rear bumper)  

  • 800mm Wading depth (The maximum water level the Grenadier can be driven through) 

  • Triple locking differentials. 

  • rigid full box-sectioned ladder frame.  

  • Solid beam axles. 

  • Strong frame and body. 

  • Incorporating the latest safety standards and features to ensure that drivers and passengers are secure and protected on all terrains.  

INEOS Grenadier Exterior Design 

INEOS Grenadier exterior design

Everything on the Grenadier is designed to work hard. Every feature has been tested in the field, to make sure it will not let you down. Learn more about INEOS Grenadier Exterior design:  

  • 70/30 Split Rear Doors: Split rear doors ensure easy loading and unloading, even in confined spaces. The smaller door opens first for easy access.  

  • Proactive Roof Strips & Tie Down Rails: Four protective strips enable you to load goods directly onto the vehicle’s load-bearing roof. Luggage can be securely fastened to the tie-down rails.  

  • Two-Speed Transfer Case: A mechanically operated two-speed transfer case with high and low range gear selection. Maximum control in the most demanding conditions.  

  • Full Box-Sectioned Ladder Frame Chassis: Strong, rugged, reliable, and a proven 4X4 platform. 

  • Triple Locking Differentials: Power distributed evenly to front and rear axles. Always at least one front and rear tyre putting the power down.  

  • Solid Beam Axles Developed by Carraro: Front and rear for handling daily punishment.  

  • Towing: 3.5-tonne towing capacity.  

  • Permanent 4 Wheel Drive: Low-end traction when you need it most. An all-terrain tool you can rely on.  

  • Heavy Duty Coil Suspension: Traditional coil springs, Bilstein shock absorbers, Heavy-Duty dampers, tough panhard rod, durable, and reliable, and easy to fix.  

  • Protection: Front and rear mudflaps, front and rear skid plates, and fuel tank protection. 

  • Safari Window (Optional): Separate sunroofs above the driver and front passenger that can be tilted open or removed completely.  

  • Access Ladder (Optional): For easy access to the roof. 

  • Utility Rail (Optional): For attaching a wide range of accessories to allow each vehicle to be customised for specific use cases.  

INEOS Grenadier Interior Design 

INEOS Grenadier Interior Design 

Grenadier’s interior design is intuitive and functional, making driving easier. Find out INEOS Grenadier interior design: 

  • Central controls for driver and co-driver operation. 

  • Functional and intuitive control layout. 

  • Safari windows. 

  • Easy access to pre-wired auxiliary switches and operation of differential locks front and rear. 

  • 12.3-inch TFT LCD colour touchscreen infotainment with wireless Ap CABIN ple CarPlay®, Android™ Auto, and Pathfinder Off-Road Navigation. 

  • Low dash increases the visibility of the trail ahead. 

  • Secondary ‘toot’ horn – quieter and more subtle for alerting cyclists and pedestrians. 

  • Heavy-duty utility flooring with drain valves for hosing out. Carpet is also available. 

  • Lockable central stowage box. 

  • Manual switch controls for all operations. 

  • Supportive Recaro seats are available in durable, water and stain-resistant textile and vinyl, or leather. 

  • Large bottle holders in all doors. 

  • Logical, widely spaced switchgear, for operation in gloves or with wet hands. 

  • Numerous grab handles for ingress/ egress and rough terrain. 

Design Your Grenadier to Meet Your Needs

INEOS Grenadier Design 

INEOS Grenadier gives you the opportunity to design your own car with a wide range of accessories, including: 

  • Winches 

  • Towbars 

  • Bull bars 

  • Lightbars 

  • Side runners 

  • Interior and exterior utility rails 

  • Roof storage systems 

  • Heavy-duty underride protection 

  • Auxiliary batteries and even a power take-off, 2,000W with domestic plug sockets 

Technical Specification  

INEOS Grenadier

Dimension and capability   

  • Vehicle length: (including full-size spare wheel): 4,927mm 

  • Vehicle width: (excluding mirrors): 1,930mm 

  • Height: 2,033mm 

  • Wheelbase: 2,922mm 

  • Ground clearance: 258mm 

  • Wading depth: 800mm 

  • Approach angle: 35.5o 

  • Departure angle: 36.1o 

  • Breakover angle: 27.8o 

  • Transfer case: Two-speed 

  • Towing capacity: 3,500kg 

Performance - Petrol  

  • Transmission: 8-Speed auto 

  • Engine size: 3.0L, Turbo straight six 

  • Engine power (PS): 285 

  • Engine power (HP): 281 

  • Max. torque (Nm): 450 

  • Max. torque (lb-ft): 332 

Performance “Diesel”  

  • Transmission: 8-Speed auto 

  • Engine size: 3.0L, Twin-turbo straight six 

  • Engine power (PS): 249 

  • Engine power (HP): 245 

  • Max. torque (Nm): 550 

  • Max. torque (lb-ft): 406 

INEOS Grenadier Distributor in Al Bahrain

Adamas Motors is the distributor for INEOS Grenadier in Al Bahrain, and for more information, you may contact Mr. George through the following:

Find out more about INEOS Grenadier and visit their official website: