Stand-up Comedian Kanan Gill to Perform in Bahrain on This Date

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 31 January 2023
Stand-up Comedian Kanan Gill to Perform in Bahrain on This Date
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Indian stand-up comedian, Kanan Gill, who rose to fame with his Youtube Series with Biswa Kalyan Rath 'Pretentious Movie Reviews ' is coming to Bahrain for a show on the 3rd of February 2023. 

Kanan Gill's show is scheduled for the weekend, Friday at 3 pm in Bahrain at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Diplomat Area. The stand-up comedy is in English and a part of Kanan's Show "Is this it?".

The New show by Kanan Gill, "Is this it?" is about life and how you look at a situation and think whether "is this it?" The comedian also had a fun message for the Bahrainis coming to watch the show, " have you ever looked around at your life and thought - Is This It? That’s what it’s about. People think the show is good (but you should form your own opinion, I feel). Simply attending the show helps you get out of the house. I hope to see you there and in your eyes the acknowledgment that you read the show synopsis online."

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