This Non-Profit Offers FREE Mental Health Support Sessions!

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 04 June 2024
This Non-Profit Offers FREE Mental Health Support Sessions!

Unknotted, a leading mental health organization in Bahrain, is on a mission to normalize conversations about mental health and provide essential support. Founded by Al-johara Ahmed, the organization consists of a dedicated team of seven professionals committed to improving mental well-being in the community.

Free Support Groups and Treatment Assistance

Since its inception in September, Unknotted has been offering free weekly support groups. These sessions are designed to provide a safe space for individuals to discuss their mental health concerns and receive group therapy. Led by Elmira and other licensed professionals, the sessions vary from casual conversations to structured group therapy.


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Easy Access to Support

Joining these sessions is simple. Individuals can visit in person for a chat or check Unknotted’s Instagram for details on group therapy sessions. For those who prefer anonymity, the organization offers the option to share stories and ask questions via a Google form.

This Non-Profit Offers FREE Mental Health Support Sessions!

Volunteer Opportunities

Unknotted is actively seeking volunteers passionate about making a difference in mental health. The organization’s relaxed approach and dedication to breaking mental health stigmas make it a vital resource in Bahrain.

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