Bahrain Health Services Have A New Hotline Number

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 03 January 2023
Bahrain Health Services Have A New Hotline Number
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The new hotline 80008100, which will be reachable from 8 am to 2 pm during normal office hours, has been announced by the Ministry of Health as the replacement for the 444 health telephone service.

All individuals who wish to access the services that were once offered via the number 444 are advised to call the new hotline. The Ministry instructed those who have an emergency medical condition to call the National Ambulance at 999. Those who wish to seek medical advice, and inquire about or receive the coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccinations should go directly to primary healthcare centers.

Bahrain Health Services Have A New Hotline Number

The new hotline, according to the Ministry, will respond to calls and take notes and suggestions in order to give callers a list of services that have previously been given.

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