A Safety Alert is Issued as Rain Hits Bahrain

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 03 January 2023
A Safety Alert is Issued as Rain Hits Bahrain

Bahrain is expected to see scattered rain throughout this week, hence drivers have been instructed to slow down, maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them, and quit jumping across lanes while flashing their hazard lights.

A Safety Alert is Issued as Rain Hits Bahrain

The five-day weather forecast from the Transportation and Telecommunications Ministry predicts that Bahrain will experience scattered rainfall until Friday and a drop in temperature to 14C. Tankers were used earlier last week to drain flooded neighborhoods in the Capital Governorate. The general hotline 80008188 has been given to callers in the impacted areas.

More than 200 workers have been appointed by the Works Ministry, Municipalities Affairs Ministry, and Agriculture Ministry to deal with waterlogging. A team of men and equipment are on standby to tackle any problems brought on by Bahrain's severe rains. A total of 100 pumps and power generators were also dispersed around the four governorates to prevent any flooding from becoming a serious hazard.

The ministry additionally recommended people ensure that roofs were properly insulated.  Additionally, the Civil Defense has asked individuals to exercise caution in and around their homes and to adhere to safety guidelines, which include maintaining a strategic distance from wet electrical tools and appliances.

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