Bahrain: Kids Under 16 Will Not Be Allowed to Ride Jet Skies

  • Publish date: Sunday، 18 June 2023
Bahrain: Kids Under 16 Will Not Be Allowed to Ride Jet Skies

Bahrain has officially issued instructions that ban kids who are below the age of 16 from riding a jet ski unless they are accompanied by a guardian.

According to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, the instructions regulating water sports activities such as riding jet skis are issued to protect kids from potential water accidents.

In addition, it is set to guarantee the kids' safety and ensure their lives are not threatened. The regulations came in line with summertime and individuals getting involved in sports & water activities.

According to the ministry, jet skis will be only operating during daylight hours with specific rules and regulations. Anyone is not wearing a lifejacket, will not be allowed to ride jet skis.

Individuals should also wear life jackets while keeping them fastened around their bodies as a matter of security measure. The ministry also shed light on the importance of avoiding riding jet skis in specific areas such as public beaches, passages, and marine units.

It is also forbidden to engage in dangerous maneuvers like racing or others when riding jet skis.

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