Bahrain: Mosquito Control Programmes Intensified in the Country

  • Publish date: Friday، 12 May 2023
Bahrain: Mosquito Control Programmes Intensified in the Country

The country's mosquito control programs have been stepped up, according to a statement made on Thursday by the Ministry of Health.

The head of the Ministry of Health's Malaria and Insect Control Group, Hassan Salman Shoiab, claims that illegal activities and climate change have caused an increase in insects and mosquitoes, leading to increased daily surveillance by specialists to control mosquitoes and caterpillars.

Sprinklers, thermal combustion equipment, specialized herbicides, as well as important security measures for community members' protection, are just a few of the strategies being used to reduce the prevalence of mosquitoes.

However, due to the presence of sick, elderly, and children who may be harmed by pesticides, the Ministry of Health is experiencing difficulty entering certain residences.

Hassan Salman also emphasized that locals have voiced numerous complaints about the threat of mosquitoes and other insects in their neighborhoods at a meeting of the municipal council. In all Bahraini governorates, the Ministry of Health has reaffirmed its commitment to continuing cleaning and waste disposal efforts.

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