Barbie Mania in Bahrain: Stores Witness High Demand for Iconic Dolls

  • Publish date: Monday، 24 July 2023
Barbie Mania in Bahrain: Stores Witness High Demand for Iconic Dolls

After the release of the world's most popular movie’ Barbie’, Barbie dolls have become the latest trend. Stores all over Bahrain have been full with many people eager to buy them.

The movie release has made people of all ages go crazy over wanting to buy Barbie dolls and the pink theme has made a quite huge impression on social media gaining a lot of attention.

The movie, which had its US premiere on Friday but hasn't yet been released in Bahrain yet, has caught a lot of interest and is expected to make a revenue of worth $100 million in the US during its opening weekend.

Bahraini retailers have high hopes of gaining profit from the trend by offering Barbie-themed dolls, toys, clothing and other items

Manama-based Ramath Trading staff Ashraf explained that kids aged between 10 and 15 years buy Barbie dolls, water bottles, trolley bags, and other Barbie-related products. "Since the demand is high, so is the price for all Barbie dolls and pink theme products in most of the stores, not just toy stores but also clothing stores," he added.

"We have seen a lot of children coming into the shop looking for Barbie dolls over the past few days. For events like birthdays, parents also purchase Barbie dolls. I believe social media and cartoons have a big impact on children."

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