Here's When Bahrain's Barbie is Planning to Perform in the Country

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 21 June 2023
Here's When Bahrain's Barbie is Planning to Perform in the Country

Tamar Leek, popularly known as Bahrain Barbie, a singer, and songwriter who was inspired by the doll of the same name, hopes to amaze and captivate music fans all across the nation of Bahrain with 'The Bahrain Barbie Show' next month.

The Bahrain Barbie Show, with pop and rock music for everyone to enjoy until the end of September, was put together by talented Brit Tamar Leek, who is well-known for her unique design style and soulful voice.

There will be surprises mixed in with dreamy memories and goofy humor. The official Barbie movie and soundtrack, which debuts on July 20th in the UAE, will be featured in the performance, along with a precise depiction of the design and creation of the Barbie doll.

The event's primary focus will be a day in the life of a multi-talented fashionista Barbie doll. “I have been in Bahrain for almost five years now, and everywhere I go, people call me ‘Barbie'," Tamar said. 

"I created a brand for myself as ‘Bahrain Barbie’ on social media and my following and audience expanded. I have an extravagant sense of style, I love fashion. I work as a singer, so I am always exploring new stage looks and innovative costume designs. I not only design costumes for the stage and special appearances but also co-design for UK fashion brands.”

'Change in the Retrograde' is an eight-track alternative rock album that Tamar co-wrote and produced with Sejo Navajas at 4th Street Recording in Los Angeles, California, in 2022. She further made appearances on television, at a number of festivals, and when the boy band Blue performed in Bahrain, she served as their support act. She collaborated with multi-platinum record producer David Bendeth to write and record the EP entitled Tamar in New Jersey.

“I would love to perform my original music as part of The Bahrain Barbie Show. I do have a euphoric pop song called Afterglow - Tamar that would suit it perfectly, but the shows’ sets are short and sweet to capture the attention of the younger audience members,” Tamar said in an interview with Gulfweekly.

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