Maleeha Al Jamri Becomes Bahrain's 1st Female Int'l Arbiter

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 16 April 2024
Maleeha Al Jamri Becomes Bahrain's 1st Female Int'l Arbiter

Maleeha Al Jamri has etched her name in Bahrain's chess history by becoming the first Bahraini woman to attain the esteemed International Arbiter (IA) title.

Known for her prowess both on and off the chessboard, Al Jamri's achievement marks a significant milestone for women in Bahraini chess.

Already a FIDE Arbiter title holder since 2019, Al Jamri's latest feat underscores her unwavering dedication and skill in the game. The Bahrain Chess Federation lauds her as a legend, applauding her commitment to fair play and excellence.

Additionally, the World Chess Federation (FIDE) celebrates the burgeoning presence of Bahraini women in chess, with initiatives like the Women's Committee aimed at empowering female players, organizers, and referees.

With a dedicated group of Bahraini chess enthusiasts, including women, undergoing rigorous training to ascend to international prominence, the future looks bright for Bahrain's chess community.

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