Bahrain Has Been Ranked as the 12th Most Safest Country in the World

  • Publish date: Friday، 16 June 2023
Bahrain Has Been Ranked as the 12th Most Safest Country in the World

According to the most recent safety ranking published by Global Finance, Bahrain is the third-safest country in the Arab world and placed 12th worldwide. Bahrain exceeds most Western nations in the categorization, according to the rating, which includes 134 nations.

The Global Peace Index, which measures war, peace, and terrorism, as well as personal security based on low crime rates and the risk of natural disasters, including the possibility of future pandemics, are three major factors that go into the ranking.

The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, and Finland complete the top five places globally, with Iceland taking the top spot. The UAE holds the top spot in the Arab world, followed by Qatar in second. Kuwait is in fourth place, closely behind Bahrain in third place.

Saudi Arabia comes in fifth in the Arab world and is now ranked 19th globally. Other rankings include Oman at number 25, Jordan at number 52, Egypt at number 65, Tunisia at number 93, Lebanon at number 110, and Yemen at number 126.

On the other side of the spectrum, the nations with the lowest safety scores include the Philippines in 134th place, followed by Colombia in 133rd, Guatemala in 132nd, Nigeria in 131st, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 130th, and Brazil in 129th.

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