Man Imprisoned for Not Handing over His Daughters

The man did not hand over his daughters to their mother after the latter won the custody case in court.

  • Publish date: Thursday، 02 May 2024
Man Imprisoned for Not Handing over His Daughters

The High Sharia Court has sentenced a man to one year of prison because he did not hand over his daughters to their mother, despite the latter having custody rights.

The personal information of both parties has not been revealed. The court sentenced the man to imprisonment after he refused to concede with the court order to grant custody to the mother of his children. 

The man argued in court that his daughters must be allowed to stay with his mother in his home country with his spouse's consent, which the court found unreasonable. 

The man and his wife had wed and had their children in Bahrain. They had recently visited the man's home country for a vacation. The wife returned to Bahrain first because of work and when the man returned to the country, he returned alone, leaving his daughters in the care of his family.

As a mother, her husband's decision to leave their daughters behind devastated the wife and she started legal proceedings at the Sharia Court to get custody of her daughters. 

The court ruled in her favor and directed the husband to relinquish their daughters' custody to her. Despite the legal directives, the husband denied his wife access to their daughters. 

The wife soon pursued legal action against her husband for non-compliance, which led to the man being sentenced to one year of prison with a fine and bail set at BD 500 for suspending the sentence. 

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