Six Arrested in Bahrain for Smuggling Narcotics in Potatoes

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 25 April 2023
Six Arrested in Bahrain for Smuggling Narcotics in Potatoes

The Sea Ports Customs Directorate of Customs Affairs has prevented the trafficking of drugs concealed inside a shipment of potatoes from a container imported from Asia.

The General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science's Anti-Narcotics Directorate was alerted and for security and legal processes, a security team was sent to the location. 

Over 33 kilograms of hashish and another drug locally known as "shabu" were included in the container, which was worth BD 700,000.

Investigation into the matter led to the identification of the importer's owner, an Asian man who lives outside Bahrain, as well as other middlemen who were engaged in trafficking, customs clearance, and delivering the package to stores.

Six people were detained, including the owner's brother and mediators, most of whom were of the same nationality as the country from where the shipment originated. Two suspects who are currently outside Bahrain are the subject of ongoing investigation.

Following legal action, the Public Prosecutor was given the case.

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