Bahrain To Build A 190-Km Urban Metro Transit System

  • Publish date: Monday، 06 December 2021 Last update: Tuesday، 25 January 2022
Bahrain To Build A 190-Km Urban Metro Transit System

Every country in the world has got its’ own transportation system, as people use it every day to go to work or schools as well as travel around to run their errands, if you wonder why Bahrain is investing in a transit system?

The reason is that public transport offers a transportation method to all different categories of income, as a lot of people, as well as students, cannot afford to buy their own cars, and there are also tourists who do not want to ride expensive taxis to travel around,

Two stages of bidding for the new Metro project 

The new Bahrain metro project is going to be 109 Km long, and the ministry of transportation and telecommunication is responsible for the management of the project.

This project bidding is running for 2 stages and the final investment is going to reach 2 billion dollars, under the public and private partnerships.

new metro project

When was the project approved?

The project was approved by the government of Bahrain back in October 2021, and the bidding process is expected to commence with its’ own request for the qualification in Nov 2021.

The full details of the Bahrain metro project 

The new Bahrain Metro project will be a completely well-designed urban steel rails transit system that follows the top international standards, with the following capacities:

  • Driverless Grade4 automation system
  • Can hold up to 43000 passengers per hour
  • Serves 5000 passengers per hour in a single direction and is to be planned to hold up to 23000 passengers per hour for a direction.
  • Phase A that has started in 2021 will be the development of a 28.6 km section and around 20 stations with 2 interchanges.
  • The metro train is fueled by electric power.

Bahrain Metro routes

Bahrain metro will have 2 routes:

  • Red route.
  • Blue route.
  • The red line has 9 stations and will start from Bahrain international airport and the end station is at Suburban Seef district.
  • The blue line will have 11 stations, with interconnections for the two lines.

Who are the contractors involved with Bahrain Metro?

There are many contractors involved with the Bahrain metro project:

  • KMPG
  • DLA Piper
  • Egis
  • MTT
  • IDOM

How will the metro be helpful to Bahrain ?

Since metros are a very convenient transportation system to all cities and countries, this is the list of helpful impacts the metro would make:

  • Reducing pollution by at least 20%
  • They are high capacity carriers
  • Faster than cars which means people reach their location faster
  • Less sound pollution
  • Less energy consumption

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