Bahrain Considers Six-Month Housing Relief for Rain Victims

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 24 April 2024
Bahrain Considers Six-Month Housing Relief for Rain Victims

A Bahraini Member of Parliament, Mohammed Al Maarefi, has put forward a proposal requesting a six-month exemption from monthly housing installments for beneficiaries affected by the recent heavy rain in the country. This measure is intended to provide relief to residents who experienced damages to their homes due to the severe rainfall.

Bahrain Considers Six-Month Housing Relief for Rain Victims

Proposal Details

The proposal calls for a six-month grace period on monthly housing payments for those impacted by the heavy rain, allowing them to focus on home repairs and replacing damaged belongings. The proposal suggests this measure would give residents the financial breathing room they need to address the damage.

Housing Damage

The explanatory memorandum emphasizes that several housing projects, particularly newer ones, suffered damage due to inadequate planning in infrastructure and roads. This has led to water leaks, damaged walls and floors, electrical malfunctions, and power outages.

Accountability and Relief

The memorandum also holds various government entities, including the Ministries of Works, Housing, and Urban Planning, responsible for these issues. By offering a temporary exemption, the proposal aims to provide financial relief to affected residents, allowing them to restore their properties and replace damaged items.

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