Where to Celebrate Bahrain National Day 2023

  • Publish date: Monday، 11 December 2023
Where to Celebrate Bahrain National Day 2023

Bahrain will literally be painted with white and red colors as the country marks its 52nd national day on December 16, 2023! As the entire country celebrates, numerous establishments will open their doors to welcome visitors and share Bahrain National Day 2023 with them.

Here are six spots where you can spend this year’s Bahrain National Day:

Bahrain Bay

The festivities kick off at Bahrain Bay, where the night sky will be illuminated with an amazing fireworks display, painting the cityscape with vivid bursts of color. As locals and visitors gather, they can anticipate experiencing the magic of Bahrain National Day 2023 under what is most likely to be beautiful weather, adding an extra layer of charm to the celebrations.

Bahrain Fort (Qal’at Al Bahrain)


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In Bahrain Fort, attendees can enjoy not only spectacular fireworks but also join in traditional activities that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Kingdom. The fort offers Instagram-worthy spots, allowing everyone to capture and share the beauty of Bahrain National Day 2023.

Water Garden City

In the heart of the Bahrain National Day 2023 celebration lies Water Garden City, hosting Festival City, a vibrant hub of entertainment that spans a two-week extravaganza. Expect a collection of games, local food vendors, live performances, and much more. The Festival City Package offers a delightful experience, including three nights’ accommodation, daily breakfast, access to the carnival, guided tours of Manama, and visits to Al Fateh Mosque and the National Museum, topped off with a breathtaking sunset horse ride near Bahrain Fort.

Capital Municipality Celebrations

The Capital Municipality, in collaboration with GFH, has prepared a series of activities for Bahrain National Day 2023 that embrace tradition and modernity. A traditional band will set the mood, followed by a fireworks display. The Capital Municipality celebrations promise a light festival, creating a magical ambiance across the capital.

Ras Hayyan, Heritage Village

For those seeking a glimpse into Bahrain's architectural marvels and rich heritage this Bahrain National Day 2023, Ras Hayyan Heritage Village is the place to be. Running from December 14 to 30, the village offers fun activities that transport visitors back in time, celebrating the roots and history of Bahrain.

Al Dana Amphitheatre

Celebrate your Bahrain National Day 2023 at the Al Dana Amphitheatre on December 14th and 15th as the legendary Abdul Majeed Abdullah takes the stage. Promising a breathtaking performance filled with exceptional melodies, Abdullah's presence adds a musical touch to the Bahrain National Day 2023 festivities, creating memories that will resonate with the audience for years to come.

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