The Cost of Living in Bahrain

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 15 November 2023
The Cost of Living in Bahrain

For expats, the quality of life in Bahrain is fairly good, as far as creature comforts are concerned. The residents of Bahrain's compounds enjoy plenty of leisure opportunities. Pools, gyms, and various sports grounds are frequently standard features. However, the cost of enjoying such a lifestyle can be a mystery to many, but we know for sure that the cost of living in Bahrain is considered to be the lowest among the Gulf Cooperation Council members.

Although ranked lowest in terms of cost of living among the GCC's, Bahrain is generally perceived by Asian expats to be an expensive nation to live in. However, high wages and the government's non-taxation policy amply compensate to enable a high quality of living. 

In this guide, we will provide a straightforward look into what it really costs to live in this Gulf country.


Accommodations usually include utility bills such as electricity, water, gas, internet, telephone and sewerage. If not, tenants will need to set aside about $225 for a single person's use of such utilities.


The average costs of apartments are the following:

One bedroom apartment with an attached bathroom: BHD 80 to BHD 200
Two-bedroom apartment: BHD 275 to BHD 400 
Three-bedroom apartment: BHD 250 to BHD 917 


A monthly ticket for public transportation costs BHD 16 while one inner-city bus ticket costs BHD 0.20. 

As Bahrain is a premiere world oil exporter, petrol prices are cheap and cost BHD 0.10 for 1 liter. Petrol can be as low as BHD 5 ($13) for a week's consumption or BHD 20 ($53) monthly.


Food can be expensive or very affordable depending on the type and location of the restaurant you choose. 

A typical fast food meal costs BHD 2.5, while fancy dining places will, of course, be pricier. Dinner for two in an Italian restaurant with wine and dessert will cost about BHD 24.

Around $1,050 should be allotted as a monthly food budget for a family of four. Single expats should allow BHD 100 ($265). 


Expats who prefer to send their children to private schools will need to pay an annual fee of about BD 2,500 ($6,700). International private schools cost around BD 8,000 ($21,300), while Primary Child Care is available for about BD 1,500 ($4,000).

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