How Can Maids or Domestic Helpers Get Help in Bahrain?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 27 December 2022
How Can Maids or Domestic Helpers Get Help in Bahrain?

Domestic workers from many countries come to Bahrain to earn a living. However, there have been numerous examples of domestic helpers being mistreated in the country. Since many domestic helpers do not enter Bahrain through an agency, so it might be challenging to support them. 

According to a previous report by The Daily Tribune, Bahrain has more than 50,000 officially registered domestic workers who are from a variety of nations, including the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Eritrea, Ghana, and Seychelles.

To assist domestic workers in pursuing justice, the Migrant Worker Protection Society has tirelessly toiled. All domestic employees should, according to Evone, action committee head of The Migrant, All domestic employees should, according to Evone Bhaskaran, action committee head of The Migrant In this manner, they can seek justice if the conditions of the agreement are violated.

Evone, speaking to The Daily Tribune said: "We receive around 10-11 cases monthly regarding housemaids reporting cases of mistreatment, and usually, cases involve a heavy workload with inadequate pay.  Usually, a case consists of one lady made to clean multiple rooms and bathrooms, whilst tasked with responsibility for the washing and cooking. Many domestic helpers have informed The Migrant Protection Society that they are made to take care of multiple rooms that are located on different floors of the house. "They must bring food to the house residents, and walk up and down the different floors of the house throughout the day. Additionally, they are made to report back to each room once the residents are finished eating."

How Can Maids or Domestic Helpers Get Help in Bahrain?

Evone also noted: "Many domestic helpers are not coming through an agency when they arrive in Bahrain. If there is no contract signed between both parties, there is not much that can be done, as there are no written terms of working hours, duties and responsibilities, and pay." 

He further emphasized that domestic workers endure additional hardships, such as having their pay withheld by employers when they accidentally burn to clothe while ironing or breaking a household object. Besides that, they endure physical or verbal violence.

Those who enter Bahrain unauthorized and unrepresented must also compensate the person who is bringing them there. The Migrant Worker Protection Society states that the cost of the ticket and handling fees is often about BDIOO. Domestic employees must enter Bahrain through a company that has a contract. This way, since written terms are present and can be addressed, other sources can give help if issues emerge.

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