Bahrain Plans to Ban Foreign Fishing Vessels

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 31 January 2024
Bahrain Plans to Ban Foreign Fishing Vessels

Led by Dr. Mohammed Ali Hassan Ali, the Public Facilities and Environment Committee of Bahrain’s Shura Council is actively working to safeguard the kingdom’s valuable marine resources.

Proposed Measures to Protect Marine Resources

Members of the committee discussed a proposed amendment to Decree Law No. (20) of 2002, which aims to address two main objectives: restricting foreign fishing vessels' access and strengthening the domestic fisheries industry.

Prioritizing Long-Term Sustainability

The proposed law, championed by dedicated Shura Council members, emphasizes long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency in the fisheries sector. By limiting foreign access to local waters and promoting the development of fish farms and marine habitats, the legislation aims to foster a thriving domestic industry capable of meeting Bahrain’s needs and facilitating exports.

Support for Fishermen

Acknowledging the vital role of fishermen, the proposal includes plans for targeted support, providing expertise, technical guidance, grants, and loans to aid their endeavors.

Closing Regulatory Gaps

In addition to resource protection, the amendment addresses regulatory gaps. It proposes a framework for transferring fishing licenses to the heirs of deceased license holders, ensuring continued support for families reliant on fishing income. Moreover, it clarifies the conditions under which Bahraini fishing vessels can operate in restricted areas, promoting responsible practices and compliance with regulations.

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