Bahrain Summons Swedish Envoy Over Repeated Quran Burning Incidents

  • Publish date: Friday، 28 July 2023
Bahrain Summons Swedish Envoy Over Repeated Quran Burning Incidents

Bahrain has officially summoned Sweden's chargé d'affaires in Manama over the growing controversy involving the Quran burning incidents in Sweden.

The move signifies a broader Middle Eastern reaction to the reported incidents.

Egypt had earlier expressed its "extreme concern" over the protests and had requested upon the Swedish government to ensure the safety of the Muslim community in Sweden.

This move mirrors the concern of many Muslims, who consider the Quran protests as an act of disrespect toward Islam and hate speech.

Bahrain's Foreign Ministry has echoed these thoughts in their request of Sweden's chargé d'affaires. "Bahrain strongly condemns any act that offends religious symbols or beliefs, or could lead to hatred and sectarian tension," said the ministry.

The Kingdom of Bahrain added that it is urging Sweden to take immediate steps to prevent such incidents from recurring and to take firm action against those involved. The Foreign Ministry emphasized that such incidents create a divide among the global community, leading to unnecessary tension.

The Quran protests in Sweden have ignited the struggle between the principles of freedom of speech and the need to respect religious beliefs. The protests have been criticized by Muslim communities around the world.

Many countries like Saudi Arabia, Jorden, and Iraq have also summoned their envoy. The Swedish Foreign Ministry has yet to publicly respond to the summoning of its diplomatic representatives by either Bahrain or Egypt.

Their response will likely play a critical role in shaping Sweden's diplomatic ties with not only these two nations but potentially other Muslim-majority countries as well.

The crisis prompts a larger global question of how countries can manage issues of religious tolerance and freedom of expression in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.

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