10 Interesting Facts About Bahrain!

  • Publish date: Thursday، 10 February 2022
10 Interesting Facts About Bahrain!

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an incredible country that combines authenticity and civilization, making it one of the countries that must be on your bucket list for travel. Find out in this article 10 Interesting Facts About Bahrain

10 Interesting Facts About the Kingdom of Bahrain 

Yes, Bahrain is a country that is short on geographical size but big on history, find out these interesting facts about the Kingdom of Bahrain: 

  1. 50 years old! 

Even though Bahrain is an important country on the political map of the Middle East but it has been an independent nation for less than half a century only. The Kingdom of Bahrain was an independent country in 1971, and during the same year, it joined the United Nations and the Arab League.   

  1. Third smallest country in Asia 

The Kingdom is Al Bahrain space covers 295 square miles with a population of 1,425,171, making it the 3rd after the Maldives in 1st place and Singapore in 2nd place.   

  1. Most Electricity Consuming 

Although Al Bahrain is the third smallest country in Asia, it is the biggest per-capita consumer of electricity in Asia. In addition, it is the 3rd place as the most power-thirsty state on the planet.   

  1. Colonized by the Portuguese 

In 1521, Bahrain got sized by Portugal until 1602, and during this period Portuguese built Qal’at al-Bahrain in the far north of the main island.   

  1. The Kingdom of Bahrain is an Island  

Bahrain is an island that floats in the Persian Gulf. However, it's connected to the Saudi city of Al Khobar, one of the main cities in Saudi Arabia by the King Fahd Causeway, a 25km roadway opened in 1986 that connects the two countries.   

  1. First Formula 1 Grand 

In 2004, the Kingdom of Bahrain was the first country in the middle east that held a Formula One Grand Prix, currently known as the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, and it has usually been the third race of the Formula One calendar. 

  1. Archaeological Sites from the Empire of Dilmun 

3200–330 BC, Bahrain was once the seat of the empire of Dilmun. Accordingly, there are more than 100,000 Dilmun-era burial mounds spread across Bahrain. Around 21 of these archaeological sites have been inscribed as the Dilmun Burial Mounds UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

  1. Tree of Life  

Bahrain is home to Tree of Life that lives in the southern desert of Bahrain with no water. Yes, with no water! Until now, no one has figured out what sustains the tree as there are no obvious water sources nearby! 

  1. First to Discover Oil 

Bahrain is home to Tree of Life living in the southern, and until now, no one has figured out what sustains the tree as there are no obvious water sources nearby! 

  1. World’s Largest Underwater Theme Park 

Dive Bahrain, located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is the world’s largest underwater theme park, spreading across 100,000 sq meters, and has a 70m fully submerged Boeing 747 jumbo jet airplane.  

That was it for interesting facts about Bahrain. Did you know that Bahrain’s name comes from the Arabic term al-bahrayn, which means “two seas? For more articles about Al Bahrain, such as Al Bahrain climate, visit Bahrain Moments.

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