Bahrain Plans to Restrict Conversion of Visit Visa into Work Visa

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 23 January 2024
Bahrain Plans to Restrict Conversion of Visit Visa into Work Visa

The Bahrain Parliament is slated to discuss a proposed law aiming to prohibit the conversion of visit visas into work visas during its upcoming session. The proposal, driven by concerns about job opportunities for Bahraini citizens and rising unemployment rates, is sparking a debate on the best approach to regulate visas.

Proponents Argue Necessity

Supporters argue that the proposed law is necessary to secure job opportunities for locals, strengthen the national workforce, and prioritize the employment of Bahraini nationals. The focus is on addressing concerns related to unemployment rates and ensuring the well-being of the national workforce.

Ministry of Tourism's Reservation

In contrast, the Ministry of Tourism has expressed reservations about regulating visas through legislation. The ministry suggests that administrative decisions would provide the necessary flexibility in visa regulation, allowing for adaptability to changing circumstances. It points to successful examples from other countries where administrative measures effectively manage visa issues.

Ministry's Response and Call for Study

In response to the proposal, the Ministry emphasized the flexibility offered by administrative decisions in handling visa matters. It stressed the need for further study of the proposal, considering the broader economic plans of the Kingdom and the importance of maintaining a balance in visa regulations.

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