Bahrain Proposes New Social Welfare Plan for Housewives Over 40

  • Publish date: Friday، 01 December 2023
Bahrain Proposes New Social Welfare Plan for Housewives Over 40

A proposed amendment to Bahrain's Social Welfare Law of 2006 has surfaced, led by five Members of Parliament, spearheaded by Jalal Kadhem, aiming to extend social welfare to Bahraini housewives aged 40 and above. Presented to Parliament Speaker Ahmed Al Musallam for review, this amendment seeks to provide financial assistance to housewives who lack a fixed source of income or sufficient means to support themselves.

Expanding Beneficiaries for Social Welfare

The proposed amendment intends to include a new category of beneficiaries within Bahrain's social welfare scheme. Currently encompassing families, widows, divorcees, the elderly, relatives of prisoners, individuals with disabilities, those incapable of work, unmarried girls, young boys, and orphans, this proposed addition aims to address the needs of housewives in similar situations.

Rationale Behind the Proposal

MP Jalal Kadhem highlighted the overlooked challenges faced by housewives, emphasizing their lack of government support due to not fitting traditional eligibility criteria. Stressing their sacrifices and the financial burdens often faced by their husbands, Kadhem asserted the necessity to recognize and support these women, acknowledging their significant contributions to society.

Efforts Toward Improved Assistance

Social Development Minister Osama Al Asfoor previously discussed plans to revise the current 'basic life needs' allowance, indicating that a new evaluation was underway. He disclosed that many Bahrainis fell below the existing BD336 line and detailed additional allowances received by certain groups, including those with disabilities or their families.

This proposed amendment, if approved, signifies a step forward in acknowledging the invaluable contributions of housewives while aiming to alleviate financial strains faced by this demographic, aligning with the commemoration of Bahraini Women’s Day and striving for improved societal support systems.

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