Bahraini Newlyweds Sue Wedding Planner for Wedding Disaster!

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 30 January 2024
Bahraini Newlyweds Sue Wedding Planner for Wedding Disaster!

A Bahraini bride's dreams about her wedding were shattered when her wedding planner turned the fairytale wedding into a nightmare!

The newlywed couple sued their wedding planner for BD 5,000 after their dream wedding was allegedly hijacked by a social media influencer.

Social media influencers are known to create content loved by everyone, so what could a social media influencer have done to ruin a woman's special day?

The Bahrain Civil High Court is currently hearing the case where the newly married couple accused the events company of prioritizing a social media influencer's party over their wedding and went a step further by using the same theme and decorations that the couple had chosen for their event. 

For the couple's wedding reception, the events company created every bride's nightmare from mismatched stage backdrops and floral arrangements to uneven flooring and terrible lighting. 

The couple had spent a substantial sum for their special day however, the company's terrible arrangements for the event ruined the couple's special day!

The court has not ruled on the case yet, nonetheless, the Bahraini newlyweds will continue seeking justice until it is served!

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