A Bahraini Man Crossed the World's Largest Cave

  • Publish date: Thursday، 18 May 2023
A Bahraini Man Crossed the World's Largest Cave

Talha Alhasan has become the first Bahraini to cross the world's largest cave Hang Sơn Đoòng in Vietnam.

Alhasan shared the news on his Instagram page. In the caption, Alhasan expressed his pride in being the first Bahraini to accomplish this feat.


A post shared by Talal Alhasan (@the9977)

Alhassan shared that the experience was a challenging feat mentally and physically, nonetheless, the Bahraini found the experience to be one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. He also called it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Hang Sơn Đoòng is the largest underground cave in the world with a length of nearly 9 km and its cave passages are 200m tall. 

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