Useful Codes From Zain In Bahrain .. Balance Check And More

  • Publish date: Monday، 06 December 2021 Last update: Tuesday، 25 January 2022
Useful Codes From Zain In Bahrain .. Balance Check And More

Zain is one of the biggest Etisalat companies in Bahrain, as it offers a wide range of services from prepaid cards, to internet services and more, today we compiled a full list for all Zain subscribers of all codes they can use on their phones to enquire or receive something.

Zain Bahrain list of codes

Below is a full list of codes from Zain Bahrain that you can dial in order to get a certain service, or buy some data.


Code number

Zain Services and add-ons

*555# & *123#

view your mobile number


Data Roaming Add-ons


Balance check


Local Credit Transfer

*140*Mobile Number*Amount to be transferred#

International Credit Transfer

*121# or *121*Mobile Number#

eeZee Prepaid Add-ons


eeZee Prepaid – Weekly


eeZee Prepaid – Monthly BD6.3


Voucher Top-up

*141*Voucher Number#

​eeZee Prepaid – Monthly BD7


​To Unsubscribe from eeZee Prepaid Add-ons


Discounted call rates to India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan


Prepaid Social Media Local – Monthly BD6.3


Prepaid Social Media Local – Weekly BD1.575


​ Prepaid Social Media International - Monthly BD7


​Prepaid Social Media International - Weekly BD2


​To Unsubscribe from Social Media Prepaid Add-on


How to check your Zain balance?

Do you want to know how much balance do you have in your Zain subscription? From money to data and call mins, this is how you can check your zain balance using your smartphone:

  • Open your smartphone dial pad
  • Type in the code *142# for balance check
  • Press the call button
  • Wait for the balance to show up in a message from Zain on your phone

Sometimes forgetting an important code can be crucial in getting the service you want, We hope this serves you as a solid base for all the codes that you need or might need in the future.

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