Bahrain to Review Citizenship Granted Since 2010

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 19 June 2024
Bahrain to Review Citizenship Granted Since 2010

The Bahraini Ministry of Interior has established a new committee to scrutinize all citizenships granted since 2010.

This initiative aims to ensure that the process was conducted legally and that citizenships were awarded correctly.

Interior Minister Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa announced the formation of this committee following the discovery of several cases where individuals obtained Bahraini citizenship through false information and fake documents.

The committee's primary task will be to meticulously verify the authenticity of the information and documents submitted by those who received Bahraini citizenship.

This proactive measure underscores the government's dedication to maintaining transparency and fairness in the citizenship process, safeguarding the legal framework, and protecting the rights of legitimate citizens.

These steps are in strict adherence to the law and aim to bolster trust in the citizenship system, promoting accountability and responsibility among all parties involved.

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