Bahrain to Give Monetary Rewards to Top Employees in the Govt Sector

  • Publish date: Monday، 11 September 2023
Bahrain to Give Monetary Rewards to Top Employees in the Govt Sector

Outstanding employees in the government sector will reap the benefits of their hard work because they will receive a BD 3,000 monetary incentive as a reward, according to the Edict (80) of 2023.

The monetary reward will be granted to one employee as an ideal employee incentive in a government organization, which has less than 1,000 employees.

If the government institution has more than 1,000 employees, then the same reward should be given to two employees. 

Outstanding performance incentives will be awarded to one or more employees as a single amount ranging from BD 100 to BD 500.

The incentive will not be awarded again until one year has passed since the issuance of the previous one.

Furthermore, an incentive allowance, a performance-related incentive bonus, or a promotion cannot be provided within the same year.

Employees who are seconded to a higher position, seconded partially, or seconded to perform tasks of joint services, must receive the secondment allowance, which will be a percentage of their basic salaries. 

The percentage of this allowance will be determined based on the employee's secondment. The percentage shall not exceed 10% of the basic salary of the employee in any case.

Employees can only be given performance-based incentives, outstanding performance incentives, exceptional achievement incentives, and ideal employee incentives. 

Public sector employees cannot receive more than two performance-related incentives in one year, nor can they receive a performance-related incentive and an incentive allowance in the same year.

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