Bahrain Unveils Plan for BD1 Billion Worth of 50 Mega Projects

  • Publish date: Thursday، 04 May 2023
Bahrain Unveils Plan for BD1 Billion Worth of 50 Mega Projects

Bahrain is set to launch over 50 mega projects worth millions of dinars in the upcoming years. These projects, covering areas such as housing, education, health, digitalization, and artificial intelligence, will provide a much-needed boost to the country's development and infrastructure while enhancing the quality of services.

The Cabinet has presented the draft 2023-2024 national budget to Parliament and the Shura Council, which outlines the allocation of BD1.123 billion for over 50 mega projects in the housing, education, health, digitalisation, and artificial intelligence sectors.

The budget divides the funds into two portions, with BD608.6 million to be distributed this year and BD514.1 million in the following year. The government will provide BD450 million over two years, while BD383.6 million and BD289.1 million for this year and next year, respectively, will be allocated from the GCC Development Programme.

Around 38% of the proposed national budget will be allocated to infrastructure projects, while 33% will go towards housing and community facilities, according to documents presented to the financial and economic affairs committee of Parliament.

The draft 2023-2024 budget will also allocate 11% for youth, sports, culture, and information, 4% for education, health, and social services, and the remaining 13% for other sectors. Some of the key projects include the Bahrain Metro, Sports City, Salman Industrial City, Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC), fourth bridge between Muharraq and Manama, roads leading to the airport, a new National Assembly building, and improvements to the media sector.

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