Bahrain Shura Council Approves Law That Curbs AI Abuse

The new law will regulate AI produced in the Kingdom.

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 30 April 2024
Bahrain Shura Council Approves Law That Curbs AI Abuse

Bahrain's Shura Council approved a draft law recently to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and their uses. 

The council ratified a report from the Committee on Legislative and Legal Affairs. 

The draft law received unanimous approval, except for the rejection of one parliament member. 

The draft law proposes a series of penalties including a BD 2,000 fine for individuals who create AI violating individual liberty, invading privacy, or violating social traditions and norms. 

The penalties include imprisonment and a fine ranging from BD 2,000 to BD 5,000 for individuals who produce software or technology that divides the community. 

The draft law also necessitates compensation for individuals harmed by AI and the owner or creator of the AI program is responsible for compensating these harmed individuals. 

The Artificial Intelligence Unit will be responsible for implementing administrative penalties on licensed violators. 

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