Thai Nationals Now Require Visas for Bahrain Entry

  • Publish date: Monday، 19 February 2024
Thai Nationals Now Require Visas for Bahrain Entry

In a recent development impacting travelers from Thailand, Bahrain has updated its entry requirements, signaling a significant shift for Thai citizens. Effective immediately, Thai nationals will no longer enjoy visa-free entry into Bahrain. 

This new decision mandates that Thai citizens must obtain a visa before embarking on their journey to Bahrain, as per Decision No. 18 of 2024 issued by Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, the Minister of Interior.

The decision reflects the ministry's commitment to revising visa policies periodically to enhance security measures for both residents and citizens alike.

While specific motives behind this adjustment were not disclosed, it underscores the importance of staying informed about visa policies, which can undergo revisions for various reasons. Travelers are urged to verify entry requirements prior to making any travel arrangements to avoid disruptions.

For Thai travelers planning visits to Bahrain, obtaining the requisite visa ahead of time is imperative. Detailed information regarding the application process and available visa categories can be accessed through the Bahraini Ministry of Interior's official website or by reaching out to their Public Relations department at +973 17394444. Stay updated and prepared for smooth travel experiences.

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