Bahrain Court Grants Spousal Right to Access Partner's Phone

  • Publish date: Thursday، 14 March 2024
Bahrain Court Grants Spousal Right to Access Partner's Phone

The Bahrain Court of Cassation has set a legal principle, stating that one spouse can access the other's phone as needed.

Recognition of Marital Privileges

Highlighting the distinct nature of spousal relationships, the Court emphasized that confidentiality within marriage sets it apart from interactions with third parties. The ruling stressed the marriage contract's obligation for spouses to safeguard family interests, allowing certain rights that are not extended to outsiders.

Bahrain Court Grants Spousal Right to Access Partner's Phone

Case Background and Verdict

The ruling stemmed from a case where a convict faced imprisonment after her spouse uncovered an extramarital affair. Despite defense claims regarding the legality of evidence obtained from the spouse's phone, the Court upheld the husband's right to gather such information if suspicions arise.

Upholding Legal Procedures

Addressing concerns regarding Sharia law's requirements for evidence in cases like adultery, the Court clarified that a husband's legitimate suspicions warrant accessing suspicious messages. This ruling reinforces the legal framework surrounding marital rights and responsibilities.

Implications of the Ruling

The decision enables spouses to protect marital interests and, if necessary, pursue legal action based on evidence obtained from personal devices. By affirming the husband's right to monitor suspicious behavior within the confines of their home, the Court has clarified spousal entitlements in Bahraini law.

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