Two Asians Fined BD1000 Fine & 3 Years Jail for Running Online Scam

  • Publish date: Friday، 28 April 2023
Two Asians Fined BD1000 Fine & 3 Years Jail for Running Online Scam

Two Asian citizens have been found guilty of operating online scams and given three years in jail and BDI 1,000 in fines by the Fourth High Criminal Court. After serving their prison terms, the court further ordered their deportation. 

The individuals were accused by the Public Prosecution of trying to get hold of the money of vulnerable individuals by targeting them. According to court documents, the men tricked their victims by pretending to represent the banks and requesting them to update account information through fraud messages.

These communications, as it is said, are meant to frighten people into acting quickly by creating a feeling of panic. Once individuals entered all of their personal data, the scammers could easily access their bank accounts and withdraw money.

The accused built electronic wallets with identification papers and personal photographs to transfer money, according to evidence from a representative of the electronic payment provider. The second accused took the funds from an ATM using the funds that the first accused had deposited into his wallet. 

Customers of banks in the Kingdom have been advised not to provide their personal information to any stranger online.

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