Bahrain Listed as One of Hardest Countries to Learn Driving In

  • Publish date: Friday، 14 July 2023
Bahrain Listed as One of Hardest Countries to Learn Driving In

The Global Zutobi Index has ranked Bahrain fourth in the list of 'The Hardest Countries to Learn to Drive', while Croatia tops the list.

The index ranked the Kingdom fourth because prospective drivers in the country have to take a medical, theory, and practical test to get a driver's license. 

The test costs BD 178, nonetheless, the most important factor that secured this position for Bahrain is the fact that people in the country can only apply for a license at the age of 18.

Other Gulf countries also made it to this list including Kuwait which ranked sixth and the UAE which ranked twenty second.

On the other hand, some Gulf countries made it to the list of 'The Easiest Countries to Learn to Drive', which included Qatar at second rank and Oman at the twenty-second position.

The Global Zitobi Index released the list of the 'Easiest and Hardest Countries to Learn to Drive' for which they were able to collect data from only 108 countries. 

However, they cut down the list further to include countries, which fit the following criteria:

  • The country should be an OECD member 
  • The  country's human development index score should be eight or above
  • The country should have one of the top 50 largest GDPs in the world

Zutobi combined the following seven aspects to create the total driving test score:

  • Age permitted for driving
  • Cost of the driving test
  • Is a theory test required?
  • Is a practical test required?
  • Is an eye test required?
  • Is a medical exam required?
  • Hours required for compulsory lessons to qualify for taking the test.
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