European Film Festival Returns to Bahrain on May 17th

  • Publish date: Saturday، 13 May 2023
European Film Festival Returns to Bahrain on May 17th

The second edition of the European Film Festival is returning to Bahrain from May 17th to 31st at the Alliance Française in Isa Town.

Movies from six European countries will be presented during the festival in different genres, including comedy, and drama.

The countries are Germany, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Estonia, and France. 

The festival will screen the German film "The Audition," the Spanish film "Schoolgirls," the Italian "My Brother Chases Dinasaurs," the Czech "Even Mice Belong in Heaven," the Estonian "The Little Comrade," and the French "The Big Head."

Meanwhile, a special focus will be given to Ukraine on May 14th in addition to the main event, with a screening of the Ukrainian comedy-drama film "My Thoughts are Silent".

The festival aims to showcase the work of European filmmakers from different backgrounds and styles. 

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