All About the Phase 3 of Bahrain International Airport Road Project

  • Publish date: Friday، 23 June 2023
All About the Phase 3 of Bahrain International Airport Road Project

The third phase of the project to develop the road leading to Bahrain International Airport is now open, according to the Works Ministry. The Saudi Fund for Development is supporting this endeavor to build a vital road network.

As part of the project, a bridge will be built above the Falcon Intersection signal, enabling a left turn from the Khalifa Al-Kabeer Highway in the south to the Bahrain International Airport in the north.

Additionally, the bridge's related roadwork will be carried out. A new temporary traffic light signal will also be built as part of the project, allowing a left turn from Khalifa Al-Kabeer Highway (north) to Arad Street (east), in addition to other linked work.

The project's first and second phases focused on improving the current road system and facilitating easier access to the new terminal building, parking areas, and related facilities at Bahrain International Airport.

Road 2403 was reconstructed and made into a one-way road connecting to the upper bridge that connects to the passenger hall during the initial phase of construction, which is located opposite the new airport building. In addition, a service road has been constructed and Road 2403 was extended to three major lanes.

The VIP roundabout was diverted to a traffic light intersection that links Airport Street, Khalifa Al-Kabeer SHighway, and Street 2403 in the second phase.

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