Bahrain Announces Vaccination Programs for People Travelling for Hajj

  • Publish date: Friday، 26 May 2023
Bahrain Announces Vaccination Programs for People Travelling for Hajj
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Bahrain's Ministry of Health has announced that they will provide preventive vaccinations and awareness programs to all Bahraini pilgrims prior to their departure to Saudi Arabia for Hajj. 

The announcement was made during a workshop organized by the Ministry of Health, which was attended by paramedics, administrators, and chefs of the official Hajj campaigns of 2023. 

The workshop was organized to improve the competence of health officials involved in the Hajj campaign. The workshop provided lectures for medical staff on how to deal with health issues such as diabetic foot, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, and heart attack. 

The workshop also included discussions on the proper storage of medication and medical equipment during Hajj; the importance of infectious disease control and vaccinations; and guidelines and managing cases of exhaustion, sunstroke, and joint pain during the pilgrimage. 

The discussions also revolved around ensuring food safety in regard to food preparation and preservation.