Aysha Al Haram Wins Global ‘Young Space Leaders’ Award

Aysha Al Haram Becomes the First Bahraini and Arab to Achieve This Prestigious Recognition

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 26 June 2024
Aysha Al Haram Wins Global ‘Young Space Leaders’ Award

In a historic milestone for Bahrain and the GCC, Aysha Al Haram, a Bahraini Aerospace Engineer, has won the esteemed “Young Space Leaders” award from the International Astronautical Federation.

This award underscores her extraordinary talent and Bahrain’s commitment to advancing aerospace technology.

As the Head of Satellite Design at Bahrain’s National Space Science Agency, Aysha attributes her success to divine guidance, the support of her agency leaders, and the hard work of her team.

Her accomplishment not only highlights her personal excellence but also shines a spotlight on Bahrain's swift progress in the global aerospace arena, despite the relative novelty of the agency.

Aysha’s achievements continue to bring pride to Bahrain, demonstrating the nation’s burgeoning capabilities in aerospace engineering.

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