Bahrain and China Forge Comprehensive Strategic Partnership

  • Publish date: Saturday، 01 June 2024
Bahrain and China Forge Comprehensive Strategic Partnership

In a significant diplomatic move, China and Bahrain have upgraded their bilateral relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership, marking a milestone in their cooperation. The agreement was reached during a meeting between Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The two nations deliberated on enhancing collaboration across key sectors such as economy, trade, investment, and science. They also addressed regional and global concerns, solidifying their commitment to mutual support and cooperation.

The joint statement issued highlights the substantial progress achieved in bilateral relations and emphasizes the establishment of comprehensive strategic partnership relations. Both sides reiterated their dedication to upholding sovereignty, security, and stability, while rejecting external interference in internal affairs.

Bahrain reaffirmed its adherence to the One-China principle, supporting China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. The country praised President Xi Jinping's initiatives and emphasized the importance of maintaining international order based on the UN Charter and international law.

Furthermore, discussions centered on expanding interactions between governmental and parliamentary bodies, strengthening policy coordination, and fostering mutual political trust. The continuation of Sino-Bahraini cooperation within the Belt and Road Initiative framework aims to enhance development and prosperity.

During bilateral talks, King Hamad emphasized Bahrain's commitment to peace and stability in the region through diplomatic dialogue and cooperation. He advocated for diplomatic ties with neighboring Iran and urged swift action to address the Palestinian crisis, urging the international community to intervene to halt the conflict in Gaza.

King Hamad commended China's support for just Arab causes and its recognition of Palestine as a full member state in the UN. The partnership between Bahrain and China signifies a commitment to peace, stability, and prosperity in the Middle East and beyond.

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