Dose Of Green: 14 Al Furjan Parks Almost Ready in Qatar

  • Publish date: Saturday، 03 September 2022
Dose Of Green: 14 Al Furjan Parks Almost Ready in Qatar
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In coordination with the Ministry of Municipality, the Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar declared the completion of 85% of the construction work in Al Furjan Parks in different areas throughout Qatar, such as 14 parks with an area of 123,048 m2 and a variety of entertainment and sports facilities dispersed over several municipalities.

The Ministry of Municipality is eager to establish Al Furjan parks in several municipalities around the country, particularly those that lack parks and green areas, in order to help inhabitants of the region find an outlet while assuring easy access to them without having to go far.

Increased per capita square meters of green space would improve people's health and safety, according to the Ministry of Municipality, which is represented by the Public Parks Department.

Eng. Muhammad Arqoub Al Khaldi, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee for the Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar, said on this occasion: "The Committee was keen to implement Al Furjan Parks with the aim of contributing to the development of the public parks system in Qatar, in accordance with the country's current directives with regard to increasing green areas, as it comes within the Committee's plan to beautify various areas and provide all amenities for the public. This is consistent with the overall development strategy.

He said, "The committee's efforts to safeguard the environment, enhance the quality of life for locals, and achieve sustainable environmental development for all generations come with the establishment of Al Furjan Parks. Additionally, it will benefit neighborhood residents by supplying open green places that satisfy their needs.  

According to Eng. Jazmine Sheikh, the Committee's projects design manager, "Work is underway to finish building works on Rawdat Egdaim, Al Mearad, Al Wajbah, and Al Thumama parks, to become a healthy outlet for inhabitants of those districts. These parks provide a variety of recreational and sporting opportunities, making them a fun destination for the whole family. Each park's amenities have been created with the needs of locals, the elderly, and those with special needs in mind. The park has been planned with multiple entrances and exits that are readily accessible to guests in order to assure their safety.

"Each park's design has been taken into account in order to match the environment," she continued.

Bu Hamour, Al Sailiya, Al Muraikh, and Al Ebb parks were constructed in accordance with the region's character, the surrounding structures, and the prominent attractions in the area, according to Eng. Maryam Al Kuwari, Projects Design Manager at the Committee. For instance, the historic marketplaces, one of the characteristic features of the Bu Hamour region, served as inspiration for the primary design axes of Bu Hamour Park. The sketches for park arches resemble those for typical market shadings. The design also features walking and jogging routes to assist fitness. Through pathways connecting to other regions, access to the park was made simple without the need for automobiles. The parks offer a range of amenities and services that change depending on the region of the park.