Manage your business effectively with IT solutions

  • Publish date: Thursday، 11 January 2024
Manage your business effectively with IT solutions

There are multiple processes that can be enhanced and automated in each business. If you want to manage your company more effectively, you may consider implementing new IT solutions that streamline key operations. You are in good place – meet the solutions that optimize your everyday workflow, reduce expenses and improve productivity.

E-Invoice Suite

Documents processed in electronic form are becoming mandatory in most countries in Europe and further. Now is the best moment to re-think your basic business tools. Give up the paperwork and implement e-invoicing that speeds up key processes in your company. The solution offered by Infinite – more on https://infinite-b2b.com/ae/ – is cost-effective and reduces the risk of human error.

Manage your business effectively with IT solutions

With this suite, you can improve your accounting codification, cash management and, most importantly, business relations with suppliers. If you run and cooperate with large companies, this solution is surely tailored to meet your expectations.

E-Archive Suite

This suite is an answer for long-term storage of electronic documents, including invoices, agreements and many other files that need to be securely preserved due to legal regulations. The solution can be easily integrated with computer software and significantly increases the level of security in large companies.

E-Archive Suite can be accessed only by authorized users, which gives you better control over files with personal data. Each document has a time stamp, which guarantees full transparency of who and when was working on a selected file.

Marketplace Suite

Marketplace is a precisely prepared trading platform that enables a two-way undisturbed communication between the supplier and the recipients. The tool streamlines the processes of placing orders from the current offer, showing stock status, logistic minimum, credit limits, as well as seasonal promotions. It is possible to use the platform online and offline, which is a great solution for the suppliers with limited Internet access.

E-Sign Suite

There are numerous advantages of using electronic signature in your business. You are able to sign any document within seconds, which greatly speeds up working processes. With E-Sign Suite you can sign all types of documents, such as contracts, orders, reports, invoices and agreements, which saves tons of your time and is cost-effective. Each document is secured with a digital certificate, which makes you a reliable partner in business.

It is a practical tool that allows you for signing files not only via computer, but also via mobile devices – tablet, iPad or smartphone. What is more, it is easily integrated with any API system.

Who are the Infinite people?

Infinite IT Solutions is formed by a team of experienced IT specialists whose mission is to provide the most effective and intuitive tools that would be an integral part of your everyday business. With suites offered by Infinite, you can achieve your strategic objectives faster and become a trustworthy and solid partner in business.

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