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The Most Popular Baby Names in the UAE 2021

  • Publish date: Sunday، 05 December 2021
The Most Popular Baby Names in the UAE 2021
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“What will I name my child?” Is one of the most important questions for soon-to-be parents. The name search game is real and can take a very long time, but this will definitely make it easier. Nameberry has released its annual list of most researched names in the world which includes UAE’s top baby names.

Worldwide, Ava is the most popular name for baby girls, and Arlo for baby boys in 2021. The names have replaced Luna and Milo which were trending towards the end of 2020. According to the platform.

Nameberry, gets traffic from more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

Zara is the most popular name in countries with a large Muslim population. Meanwhile, Nigeria, which has a large Muslim population, has seen an increased interest in Arabic-inspired names such as Jasmine, Zara and Aisha for girls. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, names like Asher, Abiah and Azriel seem to be gaining popularly.

The most popular baby names in the UAE in 2021:

For girls:

The Most Popular Baby Names in the UAE 2021

1. Aria

2. Liya

3. Mariam

4. Noor

5. Zara

For boys:

The Most Popular Baby Names in the UAE 2021

1. Aryan

2. Silas

3. Jonah

4. Vihaan

5. Malakai

Image Credit: Unsplash

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