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This is how much Khaby Lame earns per post on Social Media!

Khaby Lame, Sengalese-Italian Social Media Influencer, who rose to fame post-2020 is now earning in millions! Check out his net worth!

  • Publish date: Friday، 23 September 2022 Last update: Saturday، 01 October 2022
This is how much Khaby Lame earns per post on Social Media!
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Khaby Lame, the Sengalese now with an Italian Passport, with over 149 million followers on Social Media is now a multimillionaire. He rose to fame in 202o when he started making videos without uttering a single word, only expressions.  

@khaby.lame Ficou muito simples 🤲🏿😁 (It was easy!) 🤲🏿😁 #learnfromkhaby #learnontiktok @TikTok @tiktok creators ♬ original sound - Khabane lame

In an interview with Fortune, he recently revealed that he earns over $750,000 per post on social media with around $10 million in estimated earnings this year alone. Khaby has invested the money he earns through Social Media in real estate, restaurants, and software companies. 

Khaby Lame is now also the Global Brand Ambassador of Binance, a global Cryptocurrency Exchange where he will partner with them on an exclusive NFT collection to increase awareness and adoption of Web3.

Khaby also shared with Fortune in the interview that he is aware of the short-term popularity that comes with the Internet. He needs to do more with time to keep his presence felt on Social Media; hence, he has hired a tutor to teach him the English Language.

Success and Stardom won't stop for him here, at the rate he is going on, his growth will rise exponentially in the coming years for us to be entertained with his powerful muted Social Media Presence!

This is how much Khaby Lame earns per post on Social Media!

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