Bahrain Takes Action to Build Walls Against Rising Sea Levels

  • Publish date: Sunday، 20 August 2023
Bahrain Takes Action to Build Walls Against Rising Sea Levels

Bahrain is urgently addressing an additional environmental threat; the rising of sea levels which have the potential to swallow parts of its coastline, as stated by the nation's Minister of Oil and Environment to AFP news agency.

Starting next year, the Gulf nation intends to begin the construction of protective measures along its coastline to fight the high sea levels. This effort will include strategies such as widening beaches, constructing taller sea walls and elevating land.

“Bahrain is vulnerable,” Mohamed bin Mubarak bin Daina, Bahrain’s oil and environment minister and special envoy for climate affairs, said in an interview.

“The main threat is a silent threat, which is the sea level rise,” he said at his office in the capital Manama.

As per official estimates, an extreme sea level increase of five meters (approximately 16.4 feet) would swamp a significant portion of the nation, including crucial areas such as the international airport.

Bahrain is the only island country among the wealthy nations along the Gulf. Its people and important structures are mainly found in low-lying coastal areas that are less than five meters above the sea.

Bahraini officials have recorded an annual increase in sea levels ranging from 1.6 millimeters to 3.4 millimeters since 1976, according to bin Daina's statement.

Elevating sea levels aggravate instances of flooding, and present a substantial threat to coastal regions, and have the potential to pollute Bahrain's already scarce groundwater reserves with salty seawater.

“That’s why one of Bahrain’s top priorities is the sea level rise,” bin Daina said.

“Either we make the beaches (wider)... or a rock wall for certain areas, or reclaim lands before the shore.”

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