Bahrain to Host First Natural Pearl Auction on Tuesday

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 20 June 2023
Bahrain to Host First Natural Pearl Auction on Tuesday

The first-ever worldwide auction of natural pearls, which will take place in Bahrain, has been announced by the Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT).

The offices of DANAT, situated in Manama's famous Bahrain World Trade Centre, will host this historic auction.

On June 20th, this eagerly awaited occasion will take place, presenting the beauty of genuine pearls to a large audience.

Since Bahrain is a major location for this auction, the event represents a critical turning point for Bahrain.

The Rapaport Group began the auction on June 7th in the United States, and it has since travelled to several places both inside and outside of the country.

The pearls' collection, grading, and certification have all been made possible by DANAT. Only natural pearls that have been DANAT-certified as such will be made available for purchase.

"We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Rapaport International Group to foster the growth of the natural pearl market. This endeavor aligns with the fourth objective of the national plan aimed at reviving the pearl sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain," Noora Jamsheer, CEO of DANAT Institute said.

"This initiative signifies the historical legacy of natural pearls, which served as the economic foundation of the Arabian Gulf region. For thousands of years, Bahrain held the position as the epicenter of this trade. Bahraini pearls have consistently captivated international jewellery houses, drawing countless traders from the West who sought to acquire these precious gems," Jamsheer added.

In coordination with a number of specialized businesses, Rapaport International Group will be in charge of managing the auctions. Individual participation will not be permitted, and only registered corporations will participate in the auction.

One of nature's rarest gifts is the natural pearl, which is so uncommon that no one has ever been able to regularly sell one.

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