Bahrain Weather Forecast: Hot Weather on August 20th

  • Publish date: Sunday، 20 August 2023
Bahrain Weather Forecast: Hot Weather on August 20th

The Meteorological Directorate has issued a weather forecast indicating a transition from scorching daytime conditions to a heightened humidity level during the nighttime hours.

Wind patterns are anticipated to be variable, ranging from 5 to 10 knots, with mainly easterly direction and occasional surges reaching 12 to 17 knots at certain intervals.

In relation to the sea, wave heights are predicted to span from 1 to 2 feet closer to the shore, gradually increasing to 2 to 4 feet as you move farther offshore. As for temperature trends, the daytime is expected to witness a maximum of 44 ºC, while the nighttime will experience a minimum of 32 ºC, offering some relief from the daytime heat.

Relative humidity levels are forecasted to reach a range between a maximum of 85% and a minimum of 20%. This variation in humidity is likely to cause a perceptible change in atmospheric conditions as the day progresses into the night.

These meteorological insights provide valuable information for residents and travelers alike, enabling them to prepare and adapt accordingly to climatic shifts.

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