Flu Symptoms? Mask up if You Are in Bahrain

  • Publish date: Friday، 30 December 2022
Flu Symptoms? Mask up if You Are in Bahrain

Clinics and hospitals are reporting an increase in influenza cases due to the fall in temperature, with schoolchildren accounting for the majority of these cases.

The weather over the next five days will be cold, partly cloudy, with a probability of scattered rain, with average temperatures around 19C–20C, according to the meteorological department. The maximum temperature yesterday was 18C, which is lower than the 21C recorded over the last few days.

According to several doctors reported to GDN Online, between 50 and 60 patients visit hospitals on a regular basis with flu-like symptoms.

“Almost half of the patients visiting specialist internists in hospitals have been flu patients. Fortunately, only about five percent of the cases are serious and require to be admitted to hospital, usually due to acute bronchitis or pneumonia” said Dr. Sunil Rao, a specialist in internal medicine at the Royal Bahrain Hospital (RBH).

The Health Ministry advised people to get the flu shot in October because there was a surge in seasonal cases at the time, with hospitals observing it even then. Since then, the ministry has urged the elderly and those with underlying diseases to get the shot, particularly those with diabetes, autoimmune disorders, neurological conditions, chronic heart, liver, or kidney diseases, chronic pulmonary conditions like asthma, and hereditary blood disorders like sickle cell anemia.

Flu Symptoms? Mask up if You Are in Bahrain

People who had flu symptoms were instructed by Dr. Rao to stay home for two to three days, put on a mask, and wash their hands often and completely.

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