Expatriate Bachelors to Face Stricter Rent Regulations

  • Publish date: Thursday، 26 January 2023
Expatriate Bachelors to Face Stricter Rent Regulations

Without prior approval from the municipal authorities, landlords may soon be prohibited from renting their apartments to expat bachelors. The issue of laborers being crowded into the rooms of crumbling buildings, according to council members will be resolved. 

Wael Al Mubarak, minister of municipalities affairs and agriculture, presented the proposed new laws to Bahrain's three municipal councils and the Capital Trustees Board. These regulations would guarantee that structures were safe for habitation and that their sites took into account the characteristics of the neighborhood.

Landlords would therefore be required to register their lease agreements with the local municipality, which would then carry out the appropriate inspections in addition to other checks by appropriate authorities.

Six of the Southern Municipal Council's ten members, including its chairman Abdulla Abdullatif, supported the action and emphasized the necessity for quick implementation. Municipality inspections and monitoring head Ammar Abdulkarim said the compulsory registration of lease contracts would allow the authorities to determine whether buildings and locations were fit to house tenants. 

According to Assem Abdullatif, director general of Southern Municipality, registering leasing agreements would ensure humane living circumstances become the norm and avoid potential disasters.

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